Supporting Australian Furniture Makers


Australian-made furniture is generally coveted as being beautifully crafted and high quality. That is the reason why we at Habitat Furniture sell it – we’ve built a reputation for quality over the years. It is one of our objectives to educate the public to patronise Australian made products. Choosing to buy our local furniture is great way to support Australian furniture makers and the industry and help stimulate our economy. Over 200,000 Australians are employed in the furniture industry from timber workers to highly skilled craftsmen, designers to manufacturers, distributors and retail assistants. This means that thousands of individuals benefit when we choose to buy locally made furniture.

In the past two decades, there was a shift in the furniture industry. From locally dominated suppliers, cheaper furniture from abroad are now flooding the market. 70% of wood and 30% of upholstery is now being imported from other countries. These cheaper imports are delivered to furniture stores wiping out local manufacturers that once dominated the industry. Imported cheap furniture continues to be a threat to the local furniture industry. Due to falling sales, local furniture makers need to be more creative in marketing to stay afloat. At times Australian furniture makers have to take out short term loans to survive.  Short term loans help small businesses survive in economic downturns and stiff competition. Short term loans provide great resource for small furniture makers by providing quick source of funds when they need money to pay unexpected expenses, help manage temporary slowdown and bridge short-term gap in cash flow.

When you consider how small businesses operate to survive competition, it is impressive to think about their labour and commitment to keep the local furniture industry alive. Yet many people continue to patronise imported furniture without considering their local merchants. To help support Australian furniture makers, the government initiated a new entrepreneurs’ infrastructure program. Enterprise Connect is an Australian Government program supporting Australian furniture makers. It provides support to eligible furniture makers through a national network of centres to develop skills, tools and knowledge needed to improve business competitiveness and productivity for maximum growth potential.

We can also give our contribution to our local community and the national economy by supporting Australian furniture makers. By buying locally made furniture we are rewarded from the talents of our local artisans and designers. We also benefit from comparable cost, innovative designs, quality craftmanship , shorter delivery time, great after sales service and even bespoke options. Visit your local furniture store and be more connected to the people that make and sold furniture. Touch and feel your favourite piece and ask questions about the manufacturer before you buy. Whatever your budget, whatever your taste there is an Australian furniture to suit your needs.