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Lifestyle Furniture Sydney, Now selling at habitat Hall tables, Mirrors, Bedroom Furniture Sydney, Lounge Furniture Sydney , kids Furniture Sydney and so much more. Its all about creating Furniture to suit your lifestyle.

The furniture trend for 2014 is all about lifestyle. It is all about picking pieces that speak to you and encapsulate your personality with designs that echoes your individuality. People tend to go for furniture with modern and minimal features but it is all about form, function and style, and how to blend all these aspects into one.

What’s in and what’s out? Timber furniture is most definitely in, polyurethane not so much.
I’m starting to see uber modern designs as being dated and classic modern as being in. People are looking for minimal and yet stylish pieces and usually goes for that elegant and simple look, combining both contemporary and classic pieces. Elegant, minimal, classic is all the rage.

Mix pieces that you love and don’t worry if they don’t match. Matching is out and blending is in. Blending is the fashionable and fresh way to combine different styles and timbers that work in harmony together. Even white timber furniture blending with more naturally stained pieces can make a boring space beautiful and interesting. Call it a case of modern meets traditional or old meets new. By putting a twist with the mingling of styles, unexpected mix or unusual unions, you will achieve a look that is unique and very much your own.

Textures and stains are not only for your home wares and decorative pieces but also for your furniture. They give character, enhance your furniture features and provide added dimension to them. There is nothing more beautiful than combining the look of recycled wood textures with that of hardwood and soft woods.

Your home is your oasis and your guests enter a world you have created. It has to evoke comfort and elegance so that it feels homey wherein at the end of the day it is the only place you want to go to.

Habitat Furniture Warehouse has been making durable, quality furniture for homes made just for you, in the size you require and the stain you like. All our products are proudly Australian made. Do drop by and we just might have what you are looking for.

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