Dining Furniture

At habitat furniture we sell dining furniture such as Dining tables, Dining Chairs and Buffets. We sell Australian made dining furniture in pine & oak. A great dining room can be the center of family life as they have multi-functional purposes. Generally, the dining room is witness to the never-ending private conversations, gatherings, holidays and special occasions celebrated by families and friends. It is the perfect place to round up and enjoy good food and good times.


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A dining table is thought out to be the central and the most important piece in any dining room. Its many different functions make it highly practical and convenient. It also sets the tone for the entire room that is why it is best to consider the style and size, as well as the kind of mood and setting you want to create.

In addition to being a central piece, dining tables can also add style to the overall decor of the room. Dining room tables come in many different styles, sizes and materials – wood, glass, marble to name a few. There are a myriad of hand crafted tables available as well – many original pieces that are functional and stylish that can be suitable to the design of any home.

Wood dining tables are classic and traditional pieces. It gives you that rustic vibe plus, they are beautiful and sturdy. It is also the kind that gets handed down through families.

Dining furniture chairs also play a vital role in the dining room. How they look and fit in the room is essential, but comfort above style should always be considered. The general rule for chairs is that the back of the chair must be higher than the table surface and it’s up to you how much higher you want it.

Most likely, table, chairs and a buffet or sideboard comprises the dining furniture room. Depending on the size of the room there can be more pieces added, but seldom is there less. The buffet or sideboard is a stylish and functional addition to any dining room. It serves as storage for extra dishes, flatware and linens, and also functions as a surface area for decorative accents.

In choosing dining room furniture, the most important thing to think through is making sure it is functional for your household and serves your needs.