Bedroom Furniture

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Kids Bedroom Furniture

The aim when designing a children’s room is to create an inspiring place that could stimulate your child’s development. It also has to be the best possible playground where they can make great childhood memories. Furniture in kids’ room is all about creating space whilst keeping it safe, fun and interesting. These factors are essential

Lounge Furniture


Coffee Tables

The perception of a coffee table is not unlike that of a centrepiece. It is the exact space between the entertainment unit and your lounge which means it needs to blend in nicely with both. However, it can also make a statement of its own, being its own unique design. The design and type of

Lifestyle Furniture

Wooden chair

20 Different Types of Wood Used To Make Furniture

Pine Known to as an inexpensive and lightweight wood, Pine provides low cost material that takes paint well. Their lightweight or softwood nature however, makes them prone to scratches as well as dents. Ash On the other hand, ash is a tough hardwood that is quite popular due to its remarkable bending abilities. As such,

Home Office

Ergonomic Furniture: It Feels Good and is Good for You

If you are thinking of redecorating your office space or working area, you might as well consider investing on ergonomic furniture. Aside from being the latest fad in the world of furniture, ergonomic furniture is good for your health. In fact, a report from the Centre for Disease and Control showed that 4 out of

Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Dining Room Furniture

Especially in bigger cities, like Sydney and New York, it’s getting harder and harder to find spacious houses or apartments, either to rent or buy. Probably because of demographics (more people but smaller families and less people per household), new constructions constitutes of tiny rooms or even just an open plan space that mixes bedroom,

Hallway Furniture

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Hallway Furniture

The hallway is a small but significant part of any home. However, it is an area that is most commonly ignored when it comes to furnishings. A hallway must feel warm and welcoming, and a nice looking hallway that is efficient yet modish will give any homeowner a decent and respectable impression. Hallways may be